Why The Rosary?

In the Living Stream of grace which began with my Baptism, and ever copiously flows, I have found a glorious formation of living stepping stones. Perfectly placed, cleansed by the water, polished by the Spirit and designed as if for me alone, they provide a path that leads me always onward, one stone or step or prayer at a time, to the very Heart of God’s Son.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rosary Meditation

As I prayed the third Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, I experienced a series of consolations that flickered through my mind’s eye.  As a candle casts its glow, consuming the shadow that attempts to overcome, these graces came to me.  Each flicker expressed an attribute of God’s revealed nature.  It was like a warm summer night when fireflies briefly illuminate their surroundings. 

There was a flicker in which I viewed the Lord breathing on a young man who was being baptized.  Another nearby flicker revealed our Lady standing over a grieving little girl.  There was a series of flickers which filled the screen of my imagination, each one showing me the face of a saint:  S. Jean Vianney,  S. Faustina, S. Peter, S. Augustine, S. Aquinas, S. Francis, S. Joseph, S. Philomena, S. Michael, S. Gabriel, S. Miguel Pro, S. Therese, S. Jerome, and many others whose faces I know from holy cards, but their names escape me now. 

When this series of flashes subsided, I felt their abiding presence.  Lonliness was, for a brief moment, suspended.  

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